Adult Services

COMHAR offers an extensive array of services for adults recovering from mental illness, for those with intellectual/developmental disabilities, and for those with autism spectrum disorder.  The service continuum ranges from outpatient clinic appointments and home visits through day programs to 24/7 residential supports.  Specialized services for individuals with co-occurring substance addictions or who are affected by HIV/AIDS are available as well as bilingual, bicultural services for individuals and families whose primary language is Spanish.

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Outpatient Services

Outpatient services allow individuals to maintain their normal activities and carry out their responsibilities within their family, community, school or workplace while receiving professional care and treatment.  Services include psychiatric evaluation; psychotherapy for individuals, groups and families; medication assessment and monitoring; identification of need for other services; and referral to community resources.  We have several Philadelphia locations with specialized services for Latino communities, the LGBTQI communities, and individuals affected by HIV/AIDS.

Adjunct/Support Services

These services fall into two categories:
1) Many individuals with less acute or less severe problems can receive services and/or supports on an outpatient basis or in their home. These services help to manage symptoms and ameliorate problems and so avoid the need for full day or residential supports or treatment.

2) Individuals who require more intense or extensive supports usually attend a day program and/or receive residential supports. The additional services they receive to supplement their day and/or residential program are considered adjunctive.

COMHAR provides home health care for adults who are in need of skilled care but who are not currently hospitalized. These services may include: development of a Care Plan under the direction of the patient's physician; medication management and nursing care; physical and occupational therapies: home health aide support for personal care; and homemaker and companion services.

Services for adults with Autism Spectrum Disorder are available through two COMHAR programs, Core Team Ancillary Services and the Community Services Program.  Core Team's consultants provide in home behavioral intervention and various trainings for individuals and their family members/caretakers.  Community Services Program provides job assessment, community inclusion, job find and supported employment services for individuals interested in community integrated employment.

Support services for adults with intellectual and developmental disabilities are available through our Behavior Support Services Team which is comprised of consultants who deliver clinical services to individuals in their homes.  They develop individualized programs and work one on one with each person. Services include behavioral intervention, alternative modes of communication, sensory motor integration, and sexuality education.

COMHAR Training Services provides four services for any individual, diagnosed as being on the Autism Spectrum Disorder, who is interested in community-integrated supported employment.  These services are funded through Pennsylvania’s Autism Waiver and include: Community Inclusion, Job Assessment, Job Find and Supported Employment.  Referral is through the individual’s Supports Coordinator.  For information about these services, call 215-425-9212.

Targeted Case Management serves individuals with severe and persistent mental illness who resist traditional treatment approaches and who have overused psychiatric emergency services and experienced psychiatric hospitalization and/or homelessness.  Intensive case managers work with these individuals, often on a daily basis, to assure that they take their medications, help control their symptoms, and access the other services they need to achieve a more stable life, remain in the community, and reduce their need for emergency care.

Day Services

COMHAR offers more structured full and part day programs for adults who require additional and or more intensive supports. These services are available for individuals recovering from mental illness with specialized services for those with co-occurring substance addiction and for those who are also affected by HIV/AIDS. Training services are available for individuals with developmental/intellectual disabilities and/or autism. Programs are structured to meet the needs of individuals with varying levels of ability.

COMHAR's Psychiatric Rehabilitation Services assists individuals who are recovering from mental illness to develop the knowledge, skills, and social networks necessary to manage their illness, improve relationships, and become more independent and better integrated into their community.  These services are all recovery-oriented and emphasize individuals’ strengths and choices.  Five different programs are available to address the varying needs and preferences of individuals, including co-occurring addiction, HIV/AIDS infection, and Spanish as the primary language.

COMHAR offers three different training programs to meet individuals’ varying level of need and setting preference.  Programs include developmental training to teach basic skills, facility-based vocational training, community-based instruction, and supported employment. COMHAR’s training facility is located at 3825 Whitaker Avenue.  For more information on any of these training programs, please call 215-425-9212.

Residential Support Services

COMHAR provides housing supports for individuals with intellectual/developmental disabilities and individuals recovering from serious mental illness. These include both congregate (group) facilities and assistance for independent housing.

COMHAR has two programs which provide housing and supportive services for those with  mental illness and a diagnosis of AIDS or are HIV+.  Without a stable and permanent home it is difficult for individuals living with HIV/AIDS to effectively manage their physical and mental health needs.

COMHAR provides a continuum of residential programs for individuals recovering from mental illness from highly structured and well staffed congregate facilities through independent apartment living with minimal staff support.  Most of the residences are located in Philadelphia; a few are in Northampton. All are located within the community with staff support appropriate to the residents’ needs.  The goal of these services is to prepare and support individuals to move to the least restrictive environment that they can manage responsibly and successfully.

COMHAR provides residential supports for individuals with intellectual/developmental disabilities in community homes located throughout North and Northeast Philadelphia and lower Montgomery County. A number of the individuals we serve also have additional disabilities such as hearing and vision impairments, physical limitations, and mental illness.  Staff in COMHAR’s residential programs provide skills training and assist residents with daily living activities, encouraging them to participate actively in caring for their homes and engaging them in community experiences.