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Community Integrated Recovery Centers (CIRC)

Community Integrated Recovery Centers

Community Integrated Recovery Centers (CIRCs) are a suite of holistic, community-based psychiatric rehabilitation recovery programs focused on individualized planning and personal empowerment.

Services are provided individually and in groups:  

  • Peer Support 
  • Psych-Rehab 
  • Community Inclusion  
  • Family Inclusion
  • HIV Supports
  • Medication Management 

Community resources, linkages, and referrals such as:

  • Physical Health & Wellness
  • Education
  • Technology 
  • Spiritual Support         

What makes HOPE and The Community Living Room Unique:

  • Rooted in Community

    Each member has a “home base” at one of three physical locations throughout the city.

  • Founded in Respect

    Every member of the CIRC community participates in decision-making.

  • Whole Person Approach

    We recognize that each person’s needs are different, and that many factors impact wellness.

  • Personal Empowerment

    Members are empowered to take the driver’s seat in their personal recovery journey.

    The philosophy of HOPE programs and the Community Living Room are grounded upon the premise that all individuals served can live fulfilling lives through effective supports that are holistic, trauma-informed, and sensitive to each individual’s cultural background. 

    Psychiatric Rehabilitation (CIRC and Clubhouse)

    Our Programs and Services Integrate the Five Key Domains of Community Life
    • Living Living
    • Learning Learning
    • Working Working
    • Socializing Socializing
    • Wellness Wellness

    CIRC Program Locations:

    HOPE For All -2055 E. Allegheny

    Peer support, relationship-building, and life-skills for adults and seniors. Click Map for Directions

    HOPE Beginnings - 2055 E. Allegheny

    Supportive recovery for individuals with co-occurring (mental health and substance use) challenges at the beginning of their journey. Click Map for Directions

    HOPE Latino – 2600 N. American

    Psychiatric support services designed to meet the behavioral health needs of members of the Latinx community (for Spanish Bilingual/Bicultural adults). Click Map for Directions

    COMHAR’s Latino Services - Learn More

    Community Living Room (CLR) – 100 S. Broad St.

    LGBTQIA+ affirming psychiatric rehabilitation programs for adults living with HIV/AIDS and a mental health diagnosis. Click Map for Directions

    COMHAR’s LGBTQIA+ and HIV/AIDS Services - Learn More