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Specialized Supportive Housing

Specialized Supportive Housing in Northampton County

The Specialized Supported Housing program provides services that are individually-based, community-focused, homelike, and recovery oriented with the primary goals:
  • Providing 24 hour supervision in a residential environment
  • Promoting stabilization of physical and behavioral health symptoms
  • Assisting individuals to develop and maintain skills necessary for living in the most integrated setting possible
  • Promoting safety through assistance with self-preservation skills
  • Supervision of daily living activities
  • Providing medication management
  • Providing education training and support
  • Providing training in problem solving
  • Providing social and recreational skills training to improve leisure planning and to facilitate healthy and positive interpersonal relationships
  • Providing supports that promote family inclusion

For more information, call the COMHAR Specialized
Supported Housing at (484) 262-2460.