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Long Term Structured Residences

Long Term Structured Residences

COMHAR operates Long Term Structured Residences (LTSRs) located (2) in Philadelphia and (2) in Northampton County. These therapeutic programs are designed to provide 24/7 residential and intensive treatment supports for adults with a variety of psychiatric and health related needs.

Individuals requiring this level of care have access to a variety of services including:
  • Individual and group therapies
  • Psychiatric rehabilitation
  • Psychiatric evaluation
  • Peer support
  • Crisis intervention
  • Medication management
  • Cognitive Therapy/Recovery (an evidence-based model)

The multidisciplinary treatment team is comprised of staff that includes a psychiatrist, mental health professionals, licensed nurses, peer specialists, and direct care staff. Services are delivered both on-site and in natural community settings to maximize learning opportunities. Our focus is to assist individuals
in developing skills, increasing their independence, and stabilizing their psychiatric and physical health symptoms with the goal of moving into lesser structured settings.

While the LTSRs are unable to accept direct admissions, individuals interested in making a referral should contact the TIP (Transformational Integration Partnerships) unit of the Department of Behavioral Health, (215) 546-0300. In Northampton County referrals can be made to North Hampton County Mental Health Services at (610) 829-6500.

Outpatient Restoration Long Term Structured Residence (ORLTSR) Northampton County

Outpatient Restoration Long Term Structured Residence (ORLTSR) is an 8-bed highly structured 24 hour supervised therapeutic residential treatment facility.

Program recipients will receive specialized or enhanced services which include:


Psychological counseling

Group therapy

Treatment of trauma-related symptoms

Integrated treatment for co-occurring mental health
and substance use disorders

Psychiatric medication management

COMHAR’s goal is to provide forensic or justice involved individuals with recovery focused evidenced-based therapeutic approaches, thereby shortening their length of stay in corrections and forensic units while they await competency hearings. In addition, offering treatment to address co-occurring and at-risk behaviors that will help reduce or eliminate unnecessary incarceration and aid in relieving stress on the forensic system.

To facilitate such growth, this variety of treatment and therapeutic modalities will be delivered by a multidisciplinary team comprised of staff that includes a psychiatrist, mental health professionals, licensed nurses, peer/recovery specialists, case manager, and direct care staff to address behavioral, physical health, and social elements.

Mental Health Residential Services

COMHAR Specialized Services

For more information, call the COMHAR Specialized Services at (215) 569-8414.