Recovery Journey

Arleen, a member of COMHAR’s Community Living Room (CLR) program and an active participant, has become a pillar of support within the COMHAR community. Arleen has taken charge of her own journey, creating a transformative NA meeting named “No Excuses.” Through this initiative, she has not only empowered herself but has also become a beacon of inspiration for others within the community. Her journey stands as a testament to resilience and self-empowerment, embodying the aspirations of many fellow members. Arleen’s actions and example have become a source of hope and motivation for others striving to overcome similar challenges.

Arleen first came to COMHAR in 2006 having found herself trapped in the clutches of addiction, a clear departure from the person she once was. Despite the supportive atmosphere, the shackles of addiction refused to loosen their grip. In her pursuit of the next high, she resorted to lies, theft, and manipulation, revealing the extent to which addiction had completely changed her character. Arleen faced troubling tribulations, battling not only her addiction but also enduring abusive relationships, the deaths of her parents, and the abandonment of her sister. Arleen drifted into the unforgiving streets to feed her addiction. The cycle persisted until a pivotal moment prompted her return to COMHAR in 2022 where she felt safe and supported and was able to release the weight of her pain and trauma.

This return to COMHAR marked a profound transformation for Arleen. The impulse to deceive and steal faded away, replaced by a sincere concern for others and an unmistakable departure from the self-centered pursuit of her addiction. Arleen’s journey is an example of resilience over despair, showing that even in the darkest depths, transformation and healing are possible. Today, she stands as a testament to change and recovery. She exemplifies the remarkable ability to undergo positive change in the face of adversity.


Listen to Arleen tell her recovery journey