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Integrated Health Services

Integrated Health Services Journey

During the initial year of the CCBHC grant through SAMHSA, our focus was on establishing essential components and, despite challenges, we provided services to 318 individuals, nearing our goal of 400.  Building upon this momentum, our second year saw exceptional progress.  Despite aiming for 500 persons served, we surpassed expectations by providing support to 600 individuals.

This incredible journey culiminated in a grand total of 918 individuals benefiting from COMHAR’s CCBHC services within the grant’s two-year span, significantly impacting our community.

We’re thrilled to announce that this milestone is just the beginning! Stay tuned as we gear up to share the remarkable outcomes and achievements resulting from our two years of integrated physical and behavioral health services at COMHAR! Check back here in April 2024 for our updates!