iIt is our pleasure to inform you that the COMHAR Board elected 2 new Directors at June’s Board Meeting.  On June 13th, Linda Adams, pictured above on the left, and Kyle Carter, pictured on the right, were elected to the Board of Directors.  They will be joining Patrick Dooley, Greg DeShields, Donna Brenner, Jaliya Faulkner, Michelle Flowers, and Radhika Golpalakrishnan.  As the Board continues to ensure that COMHAR stays true to its Mission-Driven, People-First mantra, we look forward to the continued success of the agency.

  • Linda Adams is employed at New Commitment Temple where she works with youth, leading programs, and teaching.  She has served on several other Boards of Directors where was involved in program planning and development.  Linda is a COMHAR Member who has overcome personal obstacles and trauma which she attributes to the exceptional services she has received at COMHAR.  Linda is interested in promoting COMHAR and encouraging others to start their recovery journeys.  She is interested in serving on the Development Committee of the Board.
  • Kyle Carter is the Executive Director of NAMI Philadelphia.  He is a licensed Pennsylvania Behavioral Health Specialist with master’s degrees in Educational Leadership and Management, Leadership and Accountability, and Special Education.  He has an extensive background in Human Services and has created numerous connections with the City of Philadelphia.  Kyle has experience developing and implementing strategic plans, budget forecasting, and organizational structuring.  He has implemented a pilot program and intiatives addressing the Social Determinates of Health (SDOH).  Kyle’s interest in serving on COMHAR’s Board is driven by his respect for the quality of services COMHAR provides to members.