COMHAR’s IDD Community Participation Support Services Selected to Implement Competitive Integrated Employment Model
The Office of Developmental Programs (ODP) initiated a Provider Transformation and Regional Collaborative project. The project’s initial phase involved providers participating in a training series on evolving facility-based day program services to a competitive integrated employment model. Following this training experience, ODP partnered with the experts to identify four agencies in the Southeast Region. COMHAR was fortunate enough to have been selected for this next component of the transformation project.

This second phase of this project involves individualized consultation and incorporation into a Regional Learning Collaborative with the other selected providers. COMHAR will direct support with developing and implementing a strategy and action plan to help evolve our business model for our Community Participation Support services and our competitive integrated employment services. Our ID Division is thrilled to have been selected and began phase two of this undertaking in September.

The goal of this project is to solidify COMHAR’s designation as one of the premier employment supports providers in the greater Philadelphia area via a plan that involves programmatic development, branding, and diversification of supports.