Can We Count On You to Help Us On Our Recovery Journey? 

There truly are great things happening in Kensington, and COMHAR has been around for almost 50 years, positively impacting the lives of individuals in the great city of Philadelphia.  In the words of a proud member of the COMHAR Board of Directors, “I take pride in spreading the word about this positivity that exists within a part of our city where we usually only hear about “negative news”.”

As a Mission Driven/People First organization, COMHAR empowers members to live healthier, self-determined lives.   Through the Open Door Clubhouse members are given the opportunity for self-determination through the running of daily meetings and the operations of the Clubhouse as they work toward preparation of an employment plan.  In the HOPE programs, members are given art lessons so they can express themselves in a creative manner. Evidence Based Therapy is offered to members in the outpatient division.

Through Recovery Journeys on our website one can see the positive impact COMHAR has on it’s members.

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