In their quest for Innovative Solutions for a Growing Nationwide Mental Health Crisis, Our Body Politic, reached out to COMHAR since they were doing a podcast series on the mental health crisis.  Our Body Politic’s weekly episodes feature in-depth conversations about the economy, health, politics, education, the environment, and the most prescient issues. 

They were drawn to COMHAR when they read about the COMHAR Clubhouse because that is not a “mainstream” service offered.  Sandie McRae-Wright, Open Door Clubhouse Director, was interviewed in the podcast in which she described the Clubhouse model as a psychiatric rehabilitation program where the members run the Clubhouse and learn new skills that help them achieve the five key domains of community life – living, learning, working, socializing, and wellness.  Through the work-ordered day, members learn new skills, further their education, and prepare for entering the workforce.

To view the entire podcast, click the link below.  Sandie’s interview begins at 31 minutes.

Innovative Solutions for a Growing Nationwide Mental Health Crisis

You can also hear a brief part of the interview, by clicking