Recovery Journey

Joe has been a member of COMHAR’s Open Door Clubhouse, a recovery community that offers people with mental health challenges hope and a place to belong and connect with their peers. Joe had been depressed and suicidal and entered into a psychiatric hospital.

Joe was feeling despair, isolated, lonely, and hopeless. Joe was referred to COMHAR’s Open Door Clubhouse where he discovered a supportive welcoming community of peers and staff and participated in the work-ordered day where he learned some new skills. Joe also received outpatient mental health services at COMHAR. Joe learned how to manage his depression and started taking his medications. Joe got a job in the sanitation field and found a place to live with a new partner. Joe felt inspired and renewed. In Joe’s own words, he shared, “I feel motivated to achieve my goals towards a better life! I hope to become a homeowner! COMHAR’s Open Door Clubhouse gave me HOPE!” With the help of COMHAR, Joe got his life back and is on his path to recovery.

At COMHAR, serving over 5,000 people each month, inspiring hope, building self-confidence, encouraging independence, and becoming integrated as part of a community are pillars of our service delivery model. No matter the person or level of need, COMHAR helps people THRIVE!

COMHAR’s Mission is “to provide health and human services that empower individuals, families, and communities to live healthier self-determined lives.”