This year, Mental Health Awareness Month will amplify the message, “More Than Enough.” According to the National Alliance on Mental Illness, this campaign is a message for hope and inclusion. “All people, no matter where they are on their mental health journey, are deserving of support, resources, fulfillment and a community that cares.”


For more than forty-five (45) years, COMHAR has served as a highly respected and valued member of the health and human services community. COMHAR is a trusted community partner that helps transform the lives of underserved populations in need of quality health care for mental health concerns, co-occurring substance use disorders, intellectual and developmental disabilities. We are committed to inclusivity, supporting individuals of every age, level of need, and background, including culturally sensitive care for the Black and Latinx communities, and an affirming environment for the LGBTQIA+ community.

 National Anxiety Disorders Awareness is also observed in May.  Even though mental health conditions such as anxiety are very treatable only 36% of people go to get help. Some avoid treatment due to the stigma which often exists because of negative stereotypes or myths. Others might believe that treatment does not help. And some believe that anxiety just happens, or that it is very uncommon. This, again, is untrue. Anxiety disorder is the most common mental health disorder in the US, and it is caused by several factors such as brain activity to genetics, to life events, and is treatable!

 So, reach out if you need help, or be there for someone who needs help. COMHAR is here for you!