A ribbon cutting ceremony took place for COMHAR’s Outpatient Restoration Long Term Structure Residence (ORLTSR) on May 30, 2023, in Easton, PA. The ribbon cutting ceremony was the final phase of the opening of the ORLTSR that will soon begin to provide services for residents targeted for September 2023.  The project is a collaboration supported through a working partnership between Northampton County’s Division of Mental Health and HealthChoices, Magellan Healthcare, COMHAR, and Shiloh Church which owns the property. COMHAR will provide programming for up to eight individuals who will live at the facility in a partial hospital setting.  Outpatient treatment will include therapy, support groups, psychiatric treatment, and other therapeutic services.

Present at the event included Lamon G. McClure, Northampton County Executive; Leigh Ann Ksiazek, Community Program Manager with the Office of Mental Health and Substance Abuse Services (OMHSAS); Sal Panto, Mayor of the City of Easton; Pastor Phil Davis of Greater Shiloh Church; Susan Wandalowski, Director of Human Services; Tiffany Crush, Mental Health Administrator; Kristy Cole, LSW, HealthChoices; Trapeta B. Mayson, COMHAR COO; Woody Rosenbach, COMHAR CEO; Orlando Castro, COMHAR H.R. Director; Catina Anistasiadis, COMHAR ICRS Division Director; Gary Schoenberg, COMHAR Director of Development and Communications; Christine Ebert,  Program Director, Northampton LTSR/Walker Rd. Specialized Supported Housing.

In the spirit of community collaboration and networking Pastor Phil Davis from Shiloh Church shared that this project was a vision from his late father.  In his words, “Our community serves everybody or nobody.”  Susan Wandalowski, the Director of Human Services shared, “We cannot do this without our community.”  Trapeta B. Mayson, COMHAR’s COO shared, “This ORLTSR is a true vision of healing and recovery of those who we serve in alignment with COMHAR’s mission.”

L-R: Orlando Castro, Catina Anastasiadis, Trapeta B. Mayson, Christine Ebert, Woody Rosenbach, Gary Schoenberg