Dr. Luis Bird Named Preceptor of the Year

Over the last decade, Dr. Bird has supported Penn Nursing’s Psychiatric/Mental Health Nurse Practitioner students in his role as Medical Director of COMHAR. Here, students learn under Dr. Bird’s pragmatic guidance how to apply their knowledge within the confines of “real life.” As one student states, “Dr. Bird served as a phenomenal preceptor, allowing his students to establish autonomy while providing them with constant support and encouragement.”

Another student offers “Dr. Bird is exceptionally patient and kind. I’ve told my classmates how intelligent and thoughtful he is.  He is someone I aspire to be like.”

Their sentiment is best summarized in these five words: “We need more Dr. Birds.” It is no wonder that so many of our program alumni have joined Dr. Bird at COMHAR and continue to support the mission of the agency, one that his influence has and continues to shape.